I have a question about...

Property Management Services

How does property management work?
What are your fees?

Owners & Investors

May I contact your current and former client references?
Why should I hire a property management company vs. managing my property myself?

Maintenance & Repairs

How is maintenance handled?
How often are the property inspections managed for my property?
Can I use my own contractor?

Marketing & Advertising

How do you market and generate interest in my property, and how soon will it be rented?

Financial Services & Accounting

How much will my property rent for?
Who pays for rental property maintenance costs?
Do you pay the bills for me?
Do all funds collected for applicant screenings, fees, etc. go directly to the owner and not the property management company?
Do you carry required insurance coverage to protect my property?
Do you have separate bank trust accounts for each client rather than a single master trust account?
What type of reporting do I get?
How is rent collection and bill paying handled?
How are the security deposits handled?
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