Management Services

Our team is proficient in all aspects of property management services, offering full-service real estate solutions. This allows us to provide a one-stop shop to our owners and investors to support their real estate needs. We recognize the needs of each of our clients and their properties is unique and evolving–let’s see how we can help.

Management & Marketing

Property Analysis

  • Discuss and identify owners’ goals including ROI
  • Discuss and set operating budget  
  • Perform detailed interior and exterior documentation  
  • Recommend repairs and cosmetic improvements
  • Perform competitive rental market analysis  
  • Determine rental and lease summaries, rates and security deposits  
  • Discuss owners’ property policies (e.g. pets, smoking, etc.)
  • Transition of utility and operating accounts  

Vendor Relations

  • Recruit, screen and vet each contractor
  • Maintain vendor relationships, update licensing, legal and accounting paperwork
  • Recommend legal advisors if needed

Tenant Selection

  • Field calls from interested tenants
  • Maintain prospective tenant database as needed  
  • Conduct showings for prospective tenants as needed  
  • Provide tenants with rental applications and collect fees
  • Manage background screening and checks on prospective tenants  
  • Reach out to tenants who were not selected

Tenant Move In/Move Out

  • Prepare leasing agreement  
  • Coordinate and review leasing agreement, move in dates, payment terms and property policies with tenant
  • Ensure all agreements properly executed  
  • Conduct detailed inspection with tenant and confirm condition of property
  • Collect rental and security deposit payments  
  • Ensure property is vacated in proper condition and inspected
  • Video/photograph property condition upon exit for deposit purposes

Marketing Services

  • Prepare for rent (e.g. clean, landscape, photography, etc.)
  • Efforts to minimize vacancy periods
  • Create dynamic marketing and advertising campaigns across traditional and digital media  

Maintenance & Repairs

Maintenance & Repairs

  • Educate tenants on use of maintenance portal for work orders to allow the real time communication between management, tenant and vendor(s)
  • Provide and manage maintenance team  
  • Utilize a vetted list of contractors for maintenance needs  
  • Establish routine and preventative maintenance and inspections plans where applicable
  • Field, vet and assign maintenance requests as required  
  • Have an extensive network of qualified, trusted vendors that support our 24/7/365 maintenance demands 
  • Direct large (non-routine) capital improvement projects (e.g. recommendation, bids, project manager, etc.)
  • Maintain outdoor and/or common areas


  • Undertake initial inspection at beginning of management relationship to establish baseline and make recommendations
  • Conduct regularly scheduled inspections (interior and exterior)
  • Identify, remedy and manage ongoing repairs, safety concerns/violations, code violations, lease violations, etc.  
  • Prepare regular inspection reports and recommend any remedial actions (and associated costs) for owners if needed

Accounting & Billing

Financial Services

  • Prepare regular accounting reports and financial statements  
  • Submit mortgage, HOA, utilities and other payments on behalf of owner  
  • Prepare and submit detailed regular cash flow statements outlining income and expenses (with receipts)
  • Provide and submit documentation and annual reporting for tax purposes
  • Prepare and manage historical records  
  • Conveniently review rent roll, balances, maintenance expenses and operating expenses

Annual Expense Reconciliation

  • Prepare annual expense reconciliation reports and review with owners
  • Submit letters and analyses to tenants with respective increases as well as any back pass-thru expenses owed

Rent Collection

  • Lease oversight and enforcement  
  • Receive rent  
  • Scan rent checks directly into owners’ bank accounts
  • Gather late payments and fees
  • Enforce rent payment and lease terms
  • Send pay or quit notices  

Additional Services

Expert property management is just one of the real estate offerings that our team can offer our owners and investors. With decades of experience, our owner, John Barkett, provides our clients a holistic real estate experience throughout the Greater Tampa Bay Area. Whether it’s buying or selling a property, or ensuring its value in today’s market, our team can assist our clients with every facet of real estate.

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Commercial & Residential Real Estate Brokerage

Barkett Realty is a boutique real estate company offering a full-service solution to both commercial and residential clients. With decades of combined experience in sales, leasing and investment development, Barkett Realty is a one-stop shop that will exceed your real estate needs while turning transactions into relationships.

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Commercial Property Appraisals & Valuation

The professional Property Valuation Specialists (PVS) team understands both the art and the science of commercial real estate appraisal and valuation services. For 20 years, our clients have relied on PVS for accurate, timely and thorough reporting. With decades of experience in the nuances of development and the bandwidth to evaluate larger scale assignments and portfolios, the PVS team provides clients the confidence they need to make well-informed decisions.

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